Take Out Policy:

All Take Out Orders Must Be Picked up Within 20 Minutes.

Busy/Blackout Times When We Won't Answer the Phone.
11:30 AM to 1 PM
5:30 to 7 PM

Here's our Take Out Policy in a nutshell: If you call during our Busy/Blackout Times, we won't answer.

You can be the POTUS, our mother, the Lottery Commission with a check, a ravenous carnivore who loves the odors of charred meat; you can be all these things and more, and if you call during out Busy/Blackout Times, WE WON'T ANSWER.

Here's a second nutshell: All take out orders MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 20 MINUTES after being placed. 20 minutes doesn't mean 21, 30 or whenever you feel like getting up and schlepping your slothful slacker class-skipping behind down to Burger Life.

"Why oh why," you may ask, "do the pretty people at Burger Life resort to such draconian measures over a little old take out order?" Well for starters, we're busy during our busy times (duh). And the joy of perfectly prepared burger with a side of fries is fleeting. It doesn't have much of a shelf life. We don't want our burgers floating around the cosmos if they're not up to our standards. It's tough love. But it's still love.